Like cold water to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country. Proverbs 25:25

Most of our missionaries have e-mail adresses and would enjoy (and be blessed!) by a word of encouragement from you.
Please add them to your prayer list.     

Alpha Pregnancy Center​​

Bible Baptist Fellowship International

(D. Moore-Indonesia) (R. Maggard-Cuba)

Baptist International Outreach

(J. Abisch-Canada) (Paulo Tavares-Brazil)

Bible Open Air Missions (BOAM)

(Art Williams-Open Air)

Capital City Rescue Mission (CCRM)

​(Perry Jones- Albany, NY)

International Board of Jewish Missions

(O. Norwood-Jewish Missions)

The Evangelical Alliance Mission

(T. Sampley-Czech Republic)

Word Of Life


Atlantic Ministries

(Alex Rockwell-Nova Scotia)

Baptist Evangelist Missionary Association (BEMA)

(D. Brooks-Bolivia)

Billy Martin Evangelistic Ministries, Inc. (BMEM)

(North Carolina)

Calvary Clearinghouse

(D. Philobes-Jordan)

Central Missionary Clearinghouse

(R. Staubles-Phillipines)

Word For The World Baptist Ministries

(C. Ledbetter-Ireland)    ​